Are your products made in China?

No! All of our products are made with 100% human grade Canadian meats - with the following exceptions:

Our green beef tripe is not considered human grade as it has been left in its unwashed state - just the way your dogs love it!

Our Alaskan Pollock treats are from - you guessed it - Alaska!

We take pride in the origin of our products and we are proud to be 100% Canadian. Sometimes this means we run out of bully sticks (pizzle) or tendons - they are hot commodities! But we won't sacrifice your peace of mind by buying non-Canadian products! We know our competitors may have pizzle cheaper because it's not Canadian but please remember that irradiated foods are dangerous for your pets. Please be sure you know where your treats are sourced! We wouldn't serve our pets anything irradiated so we won't sell them for yours. We know our customers trust our brand and we won't compromise that for any of the products that we sell.