Pizzle by the Pound

Pizzle by the Pound


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We have pizzle available by the pound in limited quantities! By far our most popular chew treat, these pizzle sticks are just shy of the 12" sticks, or they are too skinny for our retail stores, which makes an amazing deal for you! These will only be available to order when we have stock!

Skinny pizzle by the pound, or shorter sticks by the pound - your choice - the number per pound will vary because of the different thickness and length. As a guideline, regular 12" pizzle sticks are approximately 12 pieces to a pound so these will be upwards of that!

By far an amazing deal!

Choose skinny or short!   $40/lb

NOTE: these sticks are not labelled/tagged - they are packaged in bulk

Our pizzle is 100% Canadian, not imported, and not irradiated!

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