Beef Lung

Beef Lung

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Our beef lung is thinly sliced and dehydrated to a great consistency for snapping to desired size.

Another great training treat!

NEW SIZE!! We know how much your dogs LOVE our beef lung so we are now offering it in a jumbo 600g bag size,

That’s equal to 4 of our regular 150g bags!  Great Savings!!


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6 reviews for Beef Lung

  1. Ted

    My 4-year old Golden Retriever goes absolutely bananas over the beef lung. She is always food motivated as with most Goldens but she gets so excited when we get to training or after brushing when she knows there is a piece of lung coming her way.

  2. Molly’s Mom

    These are definitely a two paws up in our house! (Four if she’s lying on her back.) I can’t get over how much my ten year old lab/border collie loves these. We bought them for the first time this past fall. When she gets it in her head that it’s treat time, she will come and find me and literally start bouncing until I follow her into the kitchen where she leads me to the cupboard we keep the bag of beef lungs in. I’ve never seen her react to any treat or food like this!

  3. Kristina (verified owner)

    Both my dog and my parent’s VERY PICKY dog absolutely go crazy for these. Great for training because you can snap them into little pieces easily.

  4. Anonymous

    I have an extremely picky dog who wont eat most store bought treats, but she LOVES this beef lung.

  5. Rie Charland (verified owner)

    My 7 year-old shibainu x bordercollie loves this beef lung! She’s very pick about food and sometimes she just sniffs and won’t eat when other dog owners offer some treats at a dog park. We had hard time when the dog food she used to eat was discontinued and we had to find a new one – we tried over 10 dog food and finally found the one she liked. That picky girl LOVES this beef lung! That explains enough we guess?

  6. Karolina

    My 4 month old PWD goes bananas for these treats….I’m hiding small pieces of them all over his crate for crate training and it’s the only thing that works. Good work guys – 5 stars!

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