Storing Your Treats

All of our packaged treats (black and clear packaging) are very shelf stable and will last for a long time at room temperature without exposure to heat, sun, and moisture. If you go through a bag of treats as fast as we do here, then storing your treats in the cupboard will be ideal. If you have lots of treats on hand and they might last a little longer, we suggest the fridge or freezer for optimal longevity.

Treats that are bulk packaged should be stored in a cool dry place, or in the fridge/freezer for prolonged longevity. These treats may still have traces of fat on them that doesn't have as long a shelf life as our packaged products.

Still not sure? Throw them in the freezer!!!

Did you know? The top of your refrigerator can get very warm so we don't suggest keeping your treats up there!

Did you know? Storing your treats in a cupboard above where you boil your kettle or a pot of water may cause steam moisture to collect on the treats and reduce their shelf life significantly!